One Woman’s Effect: Zoe Tryon, Disturbing the Comfortable!!

The Honourable Zoe Tryon could have married a “lovely” Earl or Lord and lived in a castle.  But the Amazon called to her instead, inspiring her great passion to be a voice for the voiceless.  She has fallen in love with a people whose ancestral lands are being devastated by oil drilling, whose children are dying because their only source of water is poisoned.

Zoe in Ecuador -“Big Oil’s Dirty Secret”

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So, when Zoe was asked to speak to a group of high net worth investors in London, she knew she would be facing an audience with a worldview markedly different from her own.  They invest in oil, after all. And her job was to begin a new conversation–because a new conversation is the first step in change.

Zoe’s fear of speaking has kept her from stepping up to the many speaking engagements that come her way.  It was time to tell her story, and she prepared at the Transformational Speaking Immersion. This was her first ever speech, and here’s how she described the crowd:  “Slightly challenging…mostly men, all suits and European –so not very emotive!

She stood up.  She told her story. She had one scary moment where she went utterly and completely blank.  She stepped back to the lectern to look at her notes.  “Please excuse me. This is my first speaking engagement.”  Deep breath.  See what comes.  Step back in. Stay in the HomeZone™.

And what was the feedback?  “Right from the heart“!  “Best speech of the day!” And the organizer later wrote, “Yours was the outstanding speech from our two-day conference. Passion, credibility and pure energy . . . nobody else managed to so capture the audience and turn an entire room emotional!

Here’s the kicker. The best comment Zoe got was,You disturbed me, I didn’t expect to be disturbed. I came here to hear about bonds and stocks and you talked about the impacts of the oil fields.

Zoe used that comment to begin a great conversation about how he could use that feeling in a positive manner to impact his investing in a way that made him feel delighted.

Congratulations, Zoe Tryon for doing what just a few short weeks ago seemed impossible. To say “yes” to that speech and to show up and make a difference.  And thank you for reminding us of what we have forgotten: that the healing of ourselves and our earth require that we drop the illusion of separation and come together as one tribe. You are a shining example of the One Woman Effect.

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