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My Experience with Book Publishing: It Takes a Village

Like many of you, I knew the time would come to write my book and 2007 was the year. And now Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story has been published.

Go to “The Book” on this website to view the covers, contents, and acclaim – and, of course, to order!

How does one get from that initial nudge to the inspiration and perspiration to actually get it done? While each of us will take a different path and have our own experience, following is my expose` of the good, the unexpected, and the miraculous which I hope will serve you in your own publishing adventures. I’m writing it around the key questions I believe any of us needs to explore to move from machination to masterpiece. Continue reading

Do It Your Way: 12 Principles to Build Your Business With Speaking

The twelve principles below emerged from a teleclass I was asked to present for coaches who are part of a SIG (special interest group) for public speaking. These fundamentals apply to all who aspire to attract clients through their speaking.

Great speakers are: vulnerable, passionate, authentic, energetic, courageous, enthusiastic, insightful, reflective, humorous, simple, sincere, charismatic, real, engaging, and informative – as described by coaches in the teleclass!

As a coach, you support your clients in getting real – getting real about who they are, what makes their hearts sing, defining success on their own terms, and living the life they imagine. Why would you not approach your speaking in the same authentic, enlivening way? Continue reading

7 Tips to Brand Yourself a Pro

There are “rules of the road” that are second nature to professional speakers. Observing these standards builds your reputation as a pro. Whether or not you receive a speaker’s fee to share your expertise, promote your business or cause, and/or talk about your book, follow these seven tips to brand yourself as a professional: Continue reading

Writing a Program Description That Sells

When its time to describe your carefully crafted speech or workshop, are you suddenly at a loss for words? Writing a program description that stands out – and attracts the people who will benefit from your wisdom – is an essential marketing skill for speakers.

To draw people to programs at their beautiful location on Cortes Island in British Columbia, Hollyhock Retreat Centre provides “Clarifying Questions” to their faculty. Once answered, a professional copywriter develops a program description for the catalog. Hollyhock asked me to describe my new “Spirited Speaking” program – including bio – in no more than 175 words! It seemed like a tough assignment, but the clarifying questions were invaluable in focusing my thinking. Continue reading

Demo Video Tapes: Assuring Your Best Shot

Once you move into the world of paid/professional speaking, those who consider hiring you typically ask for a video demo to see you in action. A good demo tape will feature excerpts from several speeches to show your flexibility and range.

For that reason, even while getting started with your speaking, consider investing in a professional video recording whenever you have a good-sized audience. When you have that shining moment when the heavens open and the angels descend, you definitely want to capture it on camera!

As part of your pre-program planning, be sure the event organizer has approved the recording. And don’t forget that they may already have technical support on site and may be able to provide a video for a lower cost. Early on, I was able to trade what would have been an engagement that provided travel reimbursement only for a professional two-camera recording. Continue reading

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