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“After years as a professional speaker, Real Speaking was the path to move me to a whole new level of confidence and ability. Gail showed me just how much more powerful it is to take the audience on a journey with me rather than just tell them about it. The response to my speaking has changed dramatically as I have applied the lessons of Real Speaking.”

MAUREEN MANLEY, MA. Professional Speaker
Founder, Spirit In Motion
U.S. Cycling Team National Champion and MS Spokesperson


“I walked away with something I never thought I would:  the whole outline for my book that I have been struggling with for months.  In just four days, Gail led us all the way from stepping up in front of each other to speak for a few moments, to a full 20-minute speech that we can use anywhere, anytime. It is worth every penny. Do whatever you can to come, as soon as you can. It is the place to learn to trust and share the voice moving through you.”

Unabashedly Female


“For someone who does not easily show himself and be vulnerable, Transformational Speaking showed me the beauty and necessity of speaking truth in the moment. It also allowed me to see how important my real story is and how to share it. This work is transformative, not only for public speaking, but in speaking your truth every day.”

Hudson Institute


“Transformational Speaking allowed me to step through my ‘Ready for the World’ door. I had every idea I had it in me but no can opener. If I didn’t like my name so much, I’d change it . . . that’s how different I feel. This work is almost like a little friendly parasite, a Real Speaking being that is now inside of you that you can’t undo. Once your story gets real, you can’t go back. Here’s what you’re going to say after this workshop:  OH MY GOD!”



“Truly one of the most memorable four days of my life.  The information, wisdom, compassion, inclusion, and inspiration were beyond words.”

Professional Speaker


“Real Speaking can change your life by changing the way you connect to others.  Gail’s knowledge of the speaking industry helped me understand how to build on my credentials to develop my speaking career in a way that will be profitable, fulfilling, and fun.”

StretchToner.com, Kenmore, WA

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"Gail has a safe and unique way of supporting each participant to go deep and open the window to let out and let in the yearnings of the heart's desire. What a gift!"
Master Certified and Professional Life Coach

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