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I went to Transformational Speaking feeling there was a deeper, more important voice within me that had not yet found expression.  I now know what I have to say and how to say it! A vital piece of my jigsaw puzzle was found that has helped all aspects of my life.  Gail is master at her work.

Hillier, SA, Australia


“I returned a second time to Transformational Speaking and am grateful to have had Gail lead me through the process once again. It was worth every moment and every penny because I am transformed. It’s not about making something better, but peeling back layers. There’s no one better at peeling layers back and drawing out gems and goodness than Gail.”



“Fantastic Immersion!!  This program has given me more structure and clarity with my message.  I will use these skills in my current and future work, as I step onto the global stage.”

Dynamic Neural Retraining System, Ltd.


“Warning: This program could be dangerous to your ego – and enlightening to your heart. Real Speaking was of inestimable value. I didn’t think I needed it, but I found the core of myself amidst a paradise of trees and blue skies.”

BRUNO CORTIS, M.D (Cardiology), Chicago


“Whoever thought that in three short days you could make a public speaker out of me?  Since my subject matter of abuse is not an easy one to talk about or even for those listening to hear, I am even more amazed at the ease I felt at being able to open gracefully and completely to share my stories. I also found that the fee you charge, which looked considerably high to me at the time, wasn’t just for the time of the retreat. You share your care for us in many other ways and do not forget us after Real Speaking has ended. Quite the contrary. You go in search of where we can share our message and network for us. What a great investment I made for myself!”

Hypnotherapist, Aspen, CO


“Absolutely life-changing. Real Speaking bought something out in me I didn’t know existed. It not only gave me good skills but has helped me define what I really want to do with my life.  Gail’s intuitive capacity to see what each person needs to come into their own is invaluable.”

Pam Caldwell, ATP
Herblore, Grass Valley, CA


“This was the best facilitation I’ve experienced – intuitive, sensitive, and constructive. The greatest value was synthesizing the many changes I have experienced this year and discovering new avenues for my work as well as a better book.”

Intuitive Counselor, Insightful Living, Hawaii

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"I’ve do a lot of speaking; I’ve never done anything like this. Gail is the surgeon of speech. She is thick love! She is the queen of it all! I can’t say enough about the value I received from this investment in myself.”
The Luck Creator

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