The Transformational Speaking Immersion

If you want to change the world, tell a better story!

Transformational Speaking is a comprehensive learning experience designed to move you into the presentation you were born to give to the audience you are destined to serve. This four-day immersion for just six “important strangers” is a rich exploration of your best ideas, the stories that bring them to life, and your own distinctive way to share them, all with personal coaching and videotaping throughout the class. ________________________________________________

Tell me a fact and I’ll listen. Tell me a truth and I’ll learn. But tell me a story, And it will live in my heart forever.”

-Native American Wisdom

Most of us don’t know our best stories and material. We’re either in a growth spurt where we haven’t yet found the words to communicate our experience, or we’re unduly attached to what has worked for us in the past. You have something to speak about that you and only you can communicate. Yet the distinctive, amazing part of your own story often needs to be reawakened and explored. Gertrude Stein said, “If you already knew it, it would not be creation but dictation.”

At Transformational Speaking, we explore. We dive deep. We find buried treasure. We draw from indigenous wisdom as well as what works in the speaking world today. In the process, we reach for creation of your new expression rather than dictation from an old mindset. What you most care about comes up naturally. Often we discover material you have yet to make conscious, revealing your most compelling message. Fun at the Transformational Speaking Immersion

How else is this training different? Transformational Speaking is not a typical presentation skills class. Public speaking skills applied prematurely can actually prevent the discovery of what is most captivating and original about you. Great speaking is less about being “fixed” than being found. As you tell your stories, Gail coaches you on speaking from your Home Zone™. You begin to trust what emerges in the moment while building confidence and skills that reveal your greatness. (Yes, your greatness is already there!) _______________________________________

What are the key features of the training?

In this four-day deep dive of discovery, you will:

  • Appreciate and honor who you really are by claiming your “Original Medicine,” the gifts and talents that you and you alone possess
  • Identify and develop your core message, the foundation for your branding and any presentation you ever make
  • Move beyond the comfort zone, where most speakers stop, to the Home Zone™ where your power as a speaker emerges
  • Understand the four levels of engagement and how your story can move your audience from resistance to resonance
  • Discover the voices you’ve silenced that bring you and your speaking alive
  • Appreciate your own S/Hero’s Journey and use your stories to move others
  • Learn how change happens so you can influence people whose worldviews differ from your own
  • Explore energy management practices that alleviate fear and nervousness
  • Dump the script with an easy method of presentation development that supports both spontaneity and structure

On the final day you distill what you have to say into a new 15-20 minute presentation integrating all you’ve  learned. You’ll be amazed at the confidence you exude when you know your medicine and your message!  And you’ll leave with clarity about what is yours to do, simplifying and amplifying your decisions moving forward.

Real Speaking can change your life by changing the way you connect to others.

Real Speaking brought something out in me I didn’t know existed.

If you want to add an honest, powerful voice to the world – namely, your own – stretch into this work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Investment

Tuition for the four-day program is $6600. Because there are only six participants, we encourage you to reserve early for your preferred date with a deposit of $2200 and the balance 30 days in advance of your program.  As an alternative, you can choose four monthly installments of $1675 each.

Run – don’t walk, don’t wait!  If you can’t afford it yet, start saving your pennies because this is transformational branding, speaking, soul work, get out your mojo work! You are going to get everything that you need and it comes together in a magical, intensely multi-layered package. Gail Larsen and Transformational Speaking have my highest recommendation.

– Jennifer Louden, “The Comfort Queen,” Best-selling author of 13 books and igniter of The Savor and Serve Experiment

Are you ready to transform your speaking with an unforgettable journey into the heart of who you are and what you have to say?


Gail Larsen P.S.  Don’t let your preferred date slip by! Classes often fill well in advance because we accept only six people. Watch our Calendar for our upcoming schedule.

I have been speaking professionally for several years and attended Real Speaking to hone my new message. I came away with exactly what I wanted – a powerful presentation that took me past my comfort zone and into what Gail calls ‘the HomZone.’Gail’s design is impeccable, her facilitation exactly what it needs to be in the moment and for the audience, and her feedback deep and penetrating. Real Speaking is for any level, novice or experienced. The individual attention is aimed right where it needs to be. I have attended innumerable learning programs and often I have come away wanting. Not so with Real Speaking. The only thing I was left wanting was more. Real Speaking is a masterpiece!”

-Denise Brouilette, President, The Innovative Edge

Our Next Class with Availability: Please See Calendar and note we have scheduled a class in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico for June 20-23, 2019!

To begin your enrollment process, please Email Gail: gail [at] (and CC: support [at] Gail is often off email during her travels)  to confirm there is a space for the date you have chosen.We’ll hold your space for 48 hours to give you time to complete your application. Once it is in our hands, we’ll set a time to meet by phone to get acquainted and answer any questions you may have.

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Description: Hear from Danielle LaPorte, Michael Hart, Jennifer Louden, Susan Hyatt, Dr. Diane Chung, Julie Daley and Dyana Valentine.

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"Gail Larsen has a rare gift for teaching and inspiring people. I recommend her without hesitation if you are seeking a deep learning experience and a hands-on way to increase your effectiveness as a leader and a speaker."
Executive Director, Social Venture Network

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