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“Run – don’t walk, don’t wait!  If you can’t afford it yet, start saving your pennies because this is transformational branding, speaking, soul work, get out your mojo work! You are going to get everything that you need and it comes together in a magical, intensely multi-layered package. Gail Larsen and Transformational Speaking have my highest recommendation.”

JENNIFER LOUDEN, “The Comfort Queen”
Author, The Women’s Comfort Book and igniter of The Savor and Serve Experiment


“Transformational Speaking helped me to understand the value of my story and the need for it and how to develop a talk that will reach people and create action.  It will move your speaking up a level and give you tools, success, support, and an understanding of how to be effective.”

ATINA DIFFLEY, Organic Farming Works
Author: Turn Here, Sweet Corn (coming from University of Minnesota Press, Spring 2012)


 “My publisher Harper Collins referred me to develop my speaking skills, and I ended up with a life-changing experience. It transformed my whole experience of speaking from enduring it to really enjoying it.”

Author: Do I Have To Give Up Me to be Loved by You?, Inner Bonding, Healing Your Aloneness


“Real Speaking is perfect for anyone who cares deeply about their mission and wants to express it with depth, clarity and passion. Gail is incisive, fierce and compassionate and does a brilliant job of drawing out the best in each person.”

Former Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Utne Magazine


 “Gail knows what she’s doing. I’ve been to a dozen speaking improvement seminars and Gail’s is the best of them all, by far. I observed her coach someone telling a story about his early teaching experience. In twenty minutes, his story improved from being painful and boring to become one of the most engaging stories about teaching I’ve heard. I believe my own public speaking improved dramatically as a result of the seminar, and I’ve been speaking for more than 40 years. Highly recommended!”

Pearson Education (Prentice Hall)


“After the writing comes the reality check.  Can my book find an audience?  Had it not been for Gail Larsen inspiring me to garner my courage and move forward, my book would still be a dream.  Real Speaking was my ‘coming out’ party!”

Author, Sing Past Winter, A Modern Psalter
Winner of the Nautilus Best Book of the Year for Body, Mind, Spirit


“Real Speaking was focused on exactly the skills I was looking for, packed with information and based on authenticity. If you plan on speaking to others, it is an essential course.”

Brenda Sanders
Author, Split Wide Open: A Scientist Awakens to a New View on Life


 “I thought I had a good handle on public speaking. Little did I know I was overlooking a major component of my speaking voice: the heart. With Gail’s help, I learned how to balance heart and head and combine them in a single voice that is more powerfulthan the sum of its parts.”

Author of God Without Religion
Winner 2005 USABookNews Award, 2005 Foreword Magazine
Book of the Year Gold Award, 2006 IPPY National Book Award


“Gail’s knowledge of the speaking industry has stood us in good stead as we developed our launch plan to combine speaking appearances with promotion of a new title and author.  She has provided speaking coaching and PR for Bluefire Books, helping to develop a presentation outline and flow and dramatically improve delivery.”

Tom Lopez
Publisher, Bluefire Books


What I gained from Real Speaking  is invaluable. . . it helped me get in touch with my feelings and put passion into my speech.”

Author, The White Hole in Time and The Global Brain Awakens


 “As a professional speaker for 30 years, I heartily recommend Gail’s training.  It is less a technique program than a retreat where you touch your best self . . . a time of coming home to your deepest heart.”

Author, The Hidden Power of the Gospels:
Four Questions, Four Paths, One Journey

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“. . . a game changer for me and my business. Gail Larsen's seminal work cuts through decades of well-meaning but superficial hyperbabble, providing the vision and methodology to ride the dragon of authenticity -- and really connect with our audience."
CEO, GaiaWorks, Tokyo, Japan

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