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“Real Speaking is the most powerful speaking course I have ever taken because it is not about gimmicks; it is about being authentic and establishing a genuine connection with your audience. Gail operates with a steel fist in a velvet glove. Sign up. It will be the best money you ever spend on any kind of personal or professional development workshop.”BRIAN NATTRASS
Sustainability Partners, British Columbia
Author and Strategic Advisor to several Fortune 500 Companies


“If you are tired of average speaking, believe you have more to say and a message the world needs to hear, you need this class and, more importantly, you need Gail Larsen!  Your life will never be the same.”



“Gail!  Wow, what an amazing experience.  I wish I could accurately explain to people how much of a shift can happen in just a few days.  I am now absolutely certain I can entertain and possibly enchant a crowd!  In 4 short days you helped me see that I can be compelling simply by being myself.   What a gift!!  I have spent a LOT of money over the years on speaking coaches and  marketing/platform consultants…. I spent a fraction of that on this retreat and I got my first speaking gig the day after I got back home – speaking to a HUGE potential client.  So, THANK YOU!  I am pretty sure I will have earned more than my investment in less than 30 days from the retreat!”

Building Gurus


“Since coming to Transformational Speaking, I have had constant public-speaking opportunities, and I’m so grateful to you.  You really helped me find my voice and my value to other entrepreneurs. Before your program, I believed that my message was ‘I’ve built a successful company, and if I can do it with my limited education and experience, anyone can do it.’  You and the group made me realize that the company culture I built should be a model for other businesses – and that our story is inspiring and compelling.  When I share the story now, I am inundated with audience members who want to talk with me; phone calls for weeks from business owners who want advice and want to tour; students who want to intern; banks and investors who want to give me money; and dozens who want to work with me.  Transformational Speaking was a great catalyst for personal and professional growth.”

CEO & Founder, Letter Logic
Nashville, TN


“Transformational Speaking was a game changer for me and my business. So much effort goes into the hype and gloss of presentation that effective communication has been lost. Gail Larsen’s seminal work cuts through decades of well-meaning but superficial hyperbabble, providing the vision and methodology to ride the dragon of authenticity — and really connect with our audience.”

CEO, GaiaWorks, Tokyo, Japan


“Gail Larsen is a Medicine woman.  She healed me from the fear of speaking, and helped me find my truth, and my unique voice in the world. Her Transformational Speaking course made me a more courageous, joyful, and authentic storyteller.”

Producer/Consultant, Lionheart Communications, Vancouver, BC


“Transformational Speaking shows you how to make speaking easy and intuitive and unlocks the powerful speaker already inside. The ‘Home Zone’ will be my guide in everything I do.”

Roeder Studios


“Every emerging company’s top executives need Gail Larsen in their inner circle to achieve the powerful congruence of corporate mission and message with who they are as individuals. There was no coddling – just let’s get it on to get this right. For me, this was an essential accelerator of a vital executive skill.”

Managing Director, SuperLab, San Diego
Author, Financing the New Venture


 “Those of us who have ‘arrived’ professionally have been through enough mechanics of public speaking and speech writing. Real Speaking goes deeper, into the personal chemistry that moves an audience. As a result, I now feel confident and connected and authentic in my speaking. Gail Larsen is a laser wrapped in a velvet glove.”

Maio & Co. Management Consultants in Brand Strategy, New York


 “This program helped me make pivotal decisions and learn to touch people more deeply. I’ve seen the best of group facilitation, and Gail is a master, combining really good skills with deep caring. I was amazed at all I gained.”

Founder, The Farsight Group, Scottsdale, AZ
Author of Grow or Die and co-author of Breakpoint and Beyond


“Real Speaking is much more than speaking.  It allowed me to move outside my comfort zone and practice new skills, claim my power and reclaim my creativity.”

Barbara Adey
Cisco Systems


“Real Speaking provides the environment and platform to stretch my capabilities in the area of being and speaking from the heart. I have incorporated the lessons learned and am evolving from a good speaker into a GREAT speaker. Gail Larsen is a wonderful teacher and guide and gently leads participants to attain a higher level of authenticity. This realness translates not only to speaking but also to everyday communication.”

Senior Vice President-Technology, Visa International


“Real Speaking helped me break through my protective wall. I am more centered, confident and in my heart.  Gail knows how to bring out the best in people with love and focus”

Ariella Tilsen
Vital Edge Consulting, Minneapolis


 “Real Speaking exceeded my high expectations. I learned to appreciate and understand my heart center and use my emotional energy to speak more sincerely, creatively, and powerfully – without sacrificing intellectual content.”

MARC ROSENTHAL, Attorney-at-Law
Rosenthal & Watson P.C, Austin, TX


“Phenomenal and life-opening. Real Speaking allowed me to birth my message and trust my divine inner wisdom. I felt completely supported.”



 “Real Speaking was the best marketing dollars I’ve spent to date. The formulas I had been taught for public speaking left me scared speechless, robbed me of my energy and made me feel like a fraud. Now I am actually enjoying sharing my humor and my passion for my work, and let me tell you, it builds business.”




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