Books by Transformational Speakers 2023

“Shopping is so tempting. You get to abdicate your throne for a bit and let China and New York dictate your life.” — Janice Haynes

That was my sister Janice’s response when I winced at what I’ve spent on stuff I’ve never used after months of clearing out what no longer serves. Yet I’m finding that the books I love are the “keepers” and I can return to their wisdom again and again.

We all need fresh and inspiring ideas for our holiday gifts, so last year I started a new tradition: highlighting the books of my Transformational Speaking clients. Here it is for 2023 and beyond. It’s as diverse as my amazing clients are, and I’m confident you’ll find just the right book for anyone on your list!

This year I have added a new category to honor a particular group of change artists:


And of course, there’s a story about that! Here’s our April 2021 Transformational Speaking Immersion group where the name originated.

L to R: Katy Shannon, Dinah Lin, Sheila Ohlsson Walker, moi, Esther Jantzen, Lindsay Quinn, Mika Barber

L to R: Katy Shannon, Dinah Lin, Sheila Ohlsson Walker, moi, Esther Jantzen, Lindsay Quinn, Mika Barber


To my right in the photo is Esther Jantzen, who has walked the Camino several times and coined the phrase “kick ass elder” during class. With Esther and I in our 70s and Dinah at 80, Sheila made us Kick Ass Elder t-shirts, with “Elder in Training” shirts for the rest of the group. Dinah did the Chinese lettering, “Wisdom is earned.


Wisdom is earned for all of these authors, and I want to especially highlight the elders who continue to thrive by living their purpose and bringing their gifts to the world.


Esther Jantzen - Walk

An award-winning history, mystery, and travel tale about the missteps, adventures, and heroism of a boy who walks the ancient Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain with his home-schooling family. WALK is in special edition for home schoolers, and Esther has been approached by a producer about optioning WALK for a TV series! For the children and young person on your list, this is the book!

Susan B. Eirich, Ph.D. - Whispers from the Wild: An Invitation

I met Susan through a Social Venture Network conference when we were paired up to share a room because we both stretched financially to even get there! Later I visited Earthfire Institute, the sanctuary for rescued wildlife which Susan founded in 2000. These whispers from the wild vividly illuminate the incredible connection of these animals to each other and the humans who care for them and provide a taste of the laughter, joy, love and insight they generate. They are indeed ambassadors for their species.

Gladys McGarey, MD - The Well-Lived Life

Dr. Gladys was my doctor back when I lived in Phoenix and was an inspiration 30 years ago. Known as the “Mother of Holistic Medicine,” she is now 102 years old and still in practice. I still remember her stories from my fledgling Real Speaking program in the mid-90s, and her book is full of practical wisdom that will transform your relationship to your body. Reading it brings me to tears as I recognize how much Dr. Gladys has influenced my path.

Dinah Lin -Daring to Dream Once Again - It’s Never Too Late!

Dinah, along with her mom and two siblings, escaped on the last boat out of Shanghai in 1949. Be inspired by Dinah’s courage, determination and grit, from growing up in a small town in Ohio as the only Asian family, living in five countries in Asia as a young wife and mom, getting her MBA at age 40, to finally ‘break the glass ceiling’ as VP, International Business Development of a Fortune 500.

New Releases

 Kris Carr -

I’m Not a Mourning Person

 Alex Howard -

It’s Not Your Fault

 Erin Leider-Pariser -

Get Lost

 Margaret Graziano -

Ignite Culture

 Gregg Brown -

Spark Action: How to
Lead Change That Matters

 Cynthia Jurs -

Summoned by the Earth

 Terri Cole –

Boundary Boss

 Emma Jarrett -

Grace, Sophia and Me

 Tricia Dietrich Amara -

Rooted in Purpose

 Katrina McGhee -

Taking a Career Break
for Dummies

 Ronna Detrick -

Rewriting Eve

 Maya Shetreat MD -

The Master Plant

Inspiration for the Life You Want to Live

 Elizabeth B. Crook -

Live Large

 Donna Bond -

Original Wisdom

 Kate Eckman -

The Full Spirit

 Danielle LaPorte -

How to Be Loving

 Rebecca Campbell ?-

Letters to a

 Gabrielle Bernstein -

Super Attractor

 Ruby Warrington -

Sober Curious

 Leah Pearlman -

Drawn Together

 Nancy Levin -

The Art of Change

 Patty Lennon -

Make Space for Magic

 Nancy Pickard -

Bigger Better Braver

 Kate Sutherland -

Make Light Work: 10
Tools for Inner

 Kate Sutherland -

We Can Do This!

 Sheila Whittington -

The Daily Seed

 Victoria Price -

Living Love

 Maryse Cardin ?-

5-Minute Morning

 Sandra Joseph -

Unmasking What

Living and Working with Intention

 Gayle Colman -

The Body of Money

 Sheila Ohlsson
Walker ?-

Wise Decisions

 Beth Kempton -

The Way of the
Fearless Writer

 Ezzie Spencer -

Lunar Abundance

 Lynda Monk -

The Great Book of

 Kimberly Napier -



Bonny Meyer -

Perfectly Paired

Linda Durham -

Still Moving

Geneen Roth ?-

This Messy
Magnificent Life

Julie Jacky -

On the Other Side

Anne Heck -

A Fierce Belief
in Miracles

 Kelly Snider -

Your Story Your Strength

 Kathy Elkind -

To Walk It Is to See It

 Kathe Crawford -

Unlocking Secrets

For Youth and Children

Esther Jantzen -


Monique Gray Smith -

Braiding Sweetgrass

Monique Gray Smith -

I Hope

Michelle Spalding ?-

Nathaniel's Journey

Annmarie Chereso ?-

Little Seed's Journey

Health and Healing

Elisa Hallerman PhD -


Margaret Paul -

6 Steps to Total

Gabby Bernstein -

Happy Days

Azita Nahai -

Trauma to Dharma

Kimberly Ann Johnson -

Call of the Wild

Merina Ty-Kisera -

Acupressure with
Essential Oils

Robyn Youkilis -

Reset your Gut

Relationships and Transitions

Terri Cole -

The Boundary Boss

Nancy Rose -

Raise the Child
You've Got — Not the
One You Want

Amy Chan -

Breakup Bootcamp

MaryAnne Howland -

Warrior Rising

Martha Jo Atkins -

Sign Posts of Dying

Sylvie Thiffault ?–

Choisir et
être choisie

Especially for Women

Geneen Roth -

Women Food & God

Ruby Warrington -

Women Without Kids

Pasha Hogan -

Third Time Lucky:
A Creative Recovery

Sylvia Theisen -

Break the Rules

Susanna Liller -

You Are a Heroine

Lee Irwin -

Radiant Wise Woman

Sandra Felt -

Beyond the
Good-Girl Jail

Business & Entrepreneurial Success

Joel Solomon -

The Clean Money

Hamza Khan -

Leadership, Reinvented

Diana Chapman ?-

15 Commitments of
Conscious Leadership

Susie deVille -


Tia Graham -

Be a Happy Leader

Anna Tsui -

Shadow Magic

Michelle Spaulding ?-

Glitter, Duct Tape
and Magic

Beth Cougler -

Design to Engage

Juanita Brown and
David Isaacs -

The World Café

Shamanism, Nature, Animals

Renee Baribeau -

Winds of Spirit

Carol McClelland -

The Seasons of

Bauer -


Linda Bender -

Animal Wisdom

Lori Robinson -

Saving Wild

Debra Rosenman -

The Chimpanzee Chronicles

May this list tempt you to shop with purpose and give gifts of lasting value to delight and inspire the people you love!

And for you, right now, might I suggest…

Beth Kempton – Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year

Beth’s book will help you celebrate a new kind of holiday season this winter — one where you radiate calm and cultivate delight.

That is my wish for us all.

May we radiate calm and cultivate delight.



P.S. Transformational Speaking continues to reach a global audience. Here’s why:

Transformational Speaking “When Danielle LaPorte recommended I attend the Transformational Speaking Immersion, I first bought the book to get clarity on what I needed to say – and how to say it. Traditional models give you script. Gail’s book and the Immersion helped me uncover my own. To keep this profound teaching alive, I downloaded the book and went for a walk listening to it every morning for about a year. I still pull it open on digital or hardcopy or audio when I need reminders to reconnect to my authentic way of speaking and storytelling—what Gail calls the HomeZone™!” – Gregg Brown, Professional Speaker on Change & The Future of Work

“I’ve dog-eared your book Transformational Speaking so much that I’m tempted to walk it before going to bed, and give it its own water bowl. I want so badly to plagiarize from it, but I know that’s naughty so I restrain myself. It’s just that when something is said in such a way that it can never be said any better, what am I to do?” – Esther Luttrell


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